Stealing Intensity or Mental Disorder ?


Some people steal things from others . Whenever they get chance, they end up hiding and filling stuffs in their pockets . It sounds ridiculous and shameful but some can’t stop themselves and their inner thirst to steal things in owners’ absence .

In scientific term, Kleptomania is mentioned as a mental disorder  . Whether it is kleptomania or not , it is still an act of thief .The people suffering from kleptomania can steal any kind of things which may or may not be of their use. They can even steal pen, pencil, tape, notebooks, coins, paper or whatever they found .

Even shoplifting looks similar to it but shoplifter mostly stealing valuables and costly items, but kleptomaniac never mind stealing anything they find . They are unable to control themselves when they find they are alone and that’s the good opportunity to steal.

Some people steal useful things for themselves that they can use in future. Even though they can purchase  them and they are strong financially, they keep on stealing things and they don’t think about others . And if they are caught later, they are ready to make lame excuses and lying .

If you are figuring out something like that in yourself , cure it . May be you are not a kleptomaniac , stop it . Don’t steal, it’s a moral issue.


Learning Ability


Human being by nature wants to see, learn and visit new things, places or whatever. Learning ability is one of the best characters in a person. If you are a healthy and capable person, you can learn anything whatever you like but it requires patience and curiosity.

We can see people saying ,”This is not for me, I can never learn in my life .”It’s not true. Either he or she is idle or they don’t want to learn . If you are prepared mentally, nothing is impossible, and as other people do , you end up adopting the very skill. 

There are scores of lame excuses can be heard which are the major obstacles to learn, for instance, I’m too old now, I can’t learn it, I’m a girl this is not suitable for me and what not.

If you want to learn anything which you think is appropriate for you and it gonna assist you to get a better life, good job or happy routine, go ahead and start learning, irrespective of your age, gender or any other dilemma. Best of luck.

Don’t Know, What To Write ?


Sometimes we have to write something and it has to be submitted in any case. We have no idea, what to write and how to start ? In spite of our talent, writing skills and knowledge, we can’t pick a good topic and begin right away.

No enough time ? Yes, another limitation. Now you say what to do ? Don’t think about the title first.Just write about what you see around you. What is effectively touching you.Your surrounding,nature,air,rain,sunny day or a heart freezing cold, select one and take down beautifully flavored with feeling.

It doesn’t mean that you have to go with natural stuffs,you can choose the script of your toddler or your naughty wife/husband or even about your sweet grandpa or granny who are with you.

Write and write.Fuel it with some touching words and cute phrases.Review it,stitch it with a detailed but short and sweet title. There is no doubt, your piece will turn out to be  a dark but smart  horse filled with fun,emotions and ideas. In other words, far natural than the pre-planned one.


Don’t Wait..Begin Now


I‘m gonna start writing a novel, it’s already been a long time, I’m thinking about this. I’ve sketched all the story about it and I’ve selected very creative and smart actors for it. I’m sure it gonna be a good novel .But I haven’t started yet. Today,tomorrow or when? I have no idea .

The above mentioned situation is just an example. Many of us do the same when the time comes for a new thing to start.I don’t know for what we are waiting for ? or simply we are being lazy.But whatever the reason is , if we don’t start,we never gonna finish it.

So, still not too late to start a good plan if it is really hitting your brain.Do you want to get some training ? Do you want to join a gym or dance class or you want to learn swimming or you are thinking about some musical instrument, go ahead and head towards it .

If the plan is advantageous  for you, it helps you to sharpen your skills or it is really your hobby to be published, never delay and jump for it.Find out the procedures and start your job right now.


Nobody’s Bad



Some are short, some tall, some look fair, some black or brown, some has big nose, some have chink eyes, some sounds noisy, some husky or sharp, some have black hair, some with brown or blonde. But whatever we have, we are the best for ourselves, and not less than others.

It all depends on our vision, timing, environment, dress up, and the location . People are joining gyms and fitness centers,they go beauty parlors, saloons, they follow dietician, they use herbal creams and verities of  beauty products to look good.

Nobody wants to be bad-looking and naturally every human being is good-looking unless any birth defects are present.

Above all, all should be treated equally and we have always to keep in mind that we have no any right to say whether he or she looks bad. Everyone is special in his/her limit and having some beautiful characteristics.



Shut Up




Realize Your Mistakes


     That’s the human nature, we don’t want to confess our mistake easily. We don’t want to apologize and say one of the easiest word “sorry”. In many circumstances, we think that we will be insulted or we could be humiliated if we realized our faults.

     Many of us steal and never tell others about that.We lie every now and then but we still think we are superior. One after another, we keep on doing mistakes but we are not easily accepting our faults when we are caught or inquired. We think we lose our values and position after confessing the faults but that’s not true.

     If you do mistake say “sorry” politely. Nobody thinks you’re bad. Realize that you were wrong. You were mistaken because of such and such reasons, simply explain. If you try to protect yourself by lying, you will be more prone to the respect and personality.

     Be courteous and flexible. Don’t try to be over smart in unknown subjects and always keep in mind that nobody is 100% perfect, so take it easy. Be careful and try not to make any mistakes, If you do so on purpose or by accident, don’t hesitate to realize it. It never downgrades you but adds a new quality in your personality.