Learning Ability

2nd half of 14th century

       Human being by nature wants to see,learn and visit new things,places or whatever.Learning ability is one of the best character in a person.If you are a healthy and capable person,you can learn anything whatever you like but it requires patience and curiosity.

    We can see people saying ,”This is not for me, I can never learn in my life .”It’s not true.Either he or she is idle or they don’t want to learn . If you are prepared mentally,nothing is impossible, and as other people ,you end up adopting the very skill.

     There are scores of lame excuses can be heard which are the major obstacles to learn like “I’m old now ,I can’t learn it.” “I’m a girl this is not made for me.”

    If you want to learn anything which you think is suitable for you and it gonna assist you to get a good job or better position, go ahead and start learning , irrespective of your age,gender or any other dilemma.Best of luck.


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