Ask Yourself Now


Have you recently asked yourself, what are you doing now? If your reply is no, then why are you waiting for? Go ahead and ask yourself as many questions as you can right now. 

Are you playing any sports? Are you studying? Are you sleeping? Are you in bathroom? Are you walking? Are you working out in a fitness center? Are you tired ? Are you writing ? Are you chatting or doing something else at this time? There can be millions of questions besides the above mentioned ones.

Ask you and only you because you know you are the most trustworthy as well as familiar person to yourself . Try to get a complete and elaborated answer of each piece of question you ask .

This can be called a “Self questioning” method to recall yourself and get controlled on yourself. Listen to your heart what it is replying about your inquiries.
Don’t go away to cross the limits of humanity and recognize your activities that , what you are doing now is good, virtuous,friendly and consist of some beneficial reasons.

It sounds awkward and funny but it makes you strong to go ahead, to save time, to stop to go in a wrong way, to know your personality to yourself and to catch a better path to live. It enhances your ability to solve any kind of problems right away.

In the beginning it can be unfocused, ridiculous and unreliable but keep on practicing. It will be an intimate pal forever. Manage your time to ask . Yes, to ask yourself.