उनी , जिन्दगी र गजल- १३


पल्टिरह्यो पाना जिन्दगीको छेक्न सकिएन

एक पाइला अघि थियो लक्ष टेक्न सकिएन

जिन्दगीका कथा ब्यथा कति लेखेँ कति गाएँ

कसका निम्ति झर्छन् आँशु मेरा लेख्न सकिएन

स्वर्ग देखें नर्क देखें सपनामा के के देखेँ

इच्छाएको एउटा आकृति देख्न सकिएन

इतिहाँस मेटें आफ्नो अस्तित्व नै मेटें मैले

जसका लागि मेटिएँ त्यो नाम मेट्न सकिएन

नबलेको होइन आगो दनदनि मनभित्र

सडि नै रह्यो घाउ मनको सेक्न सकिएन

कति उदार छ कल्पना मिलनको सिमा छैन

उनलाई जब भेटें उनलाई भेट्न सकिएन |

सरोज खनाल
टोरोन्टो, क्यानडा


उनी, जिन्दगी र गजल – १७


जिन्दगीको विवशतालाई नियतिले टार्न सक्दैन

आफ्ना भन्नेका श्रापबाट पराइले तार्न सक्दैन

भयो!इज्जतको भय नदेखाउ अब मानिसलाई

उसको अस्मिता हार्छ,तर घमण्ड हार्न सक्दैन

नगर दु:ख कि तिम्रो दु:ख मनले बुझेन

पराइ बन्ने होडलाई मनले नकार्न सक्दैन

लाख बचाऊ छाति आफ्नो वैरीको गोलीबाट तिमी

आफन्तका तिरबाट कसैले पिठ्यु बार्न सक्दैन

मित्रलाई रिझाऊ तिमी शत्रुसंग के को दुश्मनि

बाहिरी भन्दा भित्रि घाउ ओखतिले मार्न सक्दैन

नाता गोता वन्धु कुटुम्ब सबै मिथ्थाका हुन् कुरा

परायालाई रगतले पनि आफ्नो पार्न सक्दैन |

सरोज खनाल
टोरोन्टो, क्यानडा

उनी, जिन्दगी र गजल – १६


व्यवहार गर्न मसँग जिन्दगीको ढंग पुगेन,

सदावहार हुन म झैं उसको उमंग पुगेन |

कहिले खुशी कहिले दुख दियो जिन्दगीले  तर

जीवनमय हुन म झैं जिन्दगीको रंग पुगेन |

दुर्भाग्यको प्रहार थियो कहिले सौभाग्यको जाल,

लाखैं नीति जिन्दगीको मलाई जित्न जंग पुगेन |

रुँदा रुँदै मुस्कुराएँ भनें हाँस्दा हाँस्दै आँशु झारेँ,

मलाई झुलाउन प्रसस्त खेलौना उसँग पुगेन |

सडिरह्यो जिन्दगी लाचार भै लाश भित्र भित्रै,

युग बित्यो मेरो समिपमा किट-पतंग पुगेन |

आत्मा भयो आसन मेरो जिन्दगीले शरीर रोज्यो,

म त पुगें अमरापुरी जिन्दगीको अंग पुगेन |

सरोज खनाल
टोरोन्टो, क्यानडा


CCNA, a path towards Networking World


Cisco Certified Network Associate ( CCNA ) certification is one of the most prestigious, credible, job oriented and pronouncing titles for IT Networking personnel.

It assists to peep through the door of IT Networking world and it is believed that if you carry CCNA certificate, you know what to be done in Computer networking stuffs.

Now a days it has been categorized as CCNA Routing & Switching, CCNA Network Security, CCNA Datacenter, CCNA Cloud etc. Anyways CCNA R & S is the most desired and primary certification so far.

Know IT networking essentials, all the basic concepts of computer networking and each theoretical and practical aspects of cabling, routing, switching, troubleshooting and what not must be mastered before presenting yourself for the CCNA exam.

Make sure you won’t be disappointed and give up if you couldn’t get through in first attempt. Prepare hard and go for the next time and nail it. Now a days YouTube, journals, articles, academic research papers etc. are blooming to enhance your preparation.

So, don’t lose your track, make notes, watch training videos, keep practicing and make happening. Recollect your confidence and grab your CCNA, all is yours. Welcome to IT Networking Club. Take Care of yourself.


Entry Level IT Networking Resume Tips


Don’t exaggerate your skills, just put whatever as it is. Don’t boast yourself using words and phrases like hardworking, quick learner, friendly etc. At the same time, don’t omit to mention anything related to IT, computing or cables.

Sales, marketing, customer service, phone skills, people’s person, outgoing personality etc. are strong elements to put in resume. Mention what type of thesis paper or project works done while in school.

Theoretical as well as practical knowledge have to be tagged with your resume. How you played with routers and switches, how you handled when there was an internet failure in your building or your home. How did you create a small network in your house, must not be excluded.

Grades, academic awards, certifications or anything networking or computer related matters will enhance your capability. And a few lines add on your own. Now make it ready to voyage the job market.


Top 10 Job Sites for Fresh Graduates


Job hunting is a prime job for fresh graduates to land a dream job. Crawling from one site to another in search of jobs is not funny, neither it is impossible. Just surfing unknown and googled job sites without much knowing about your goals and future procedures, is nothing but mere waste of time.

In my opinion, for the entry levels and fresh steps, the following 10 sites will be extensively beneficial. Give them a try. Why not?

Keep on your hard work, success is pretty closer. Grab it.


You Are On the Way To Success



Believe or not, you are already bending towards successful path. You studied or still on college or school waiting for heart melting graduation, and now you have an LinkedIn account. I have to state that you are on the right corner, and hard works always pay.

None has predictions, no body can foretell your future, the best comes from your inner thoughts. You can  make your education bloom. Utilize your core knowledge to extract success as if pearl is picked from an oysters.

You have to judge yourself, strangers always say good about you. Very few people around you tell you the truth about you. They don’t want to hurt you. They are good or pretending to be good, they won’t express your real image because they mind their own business.

Take time on yourself and treat yourself. Have a cup of coffee, take window side seat and imagine, how you are moving towards the horizon of success, how beautiful the world is turning into than before and long time ago at the same moment how you used to see the world.