Be Aware

Skull diagram of Phineas Gage

     Human psychology is  really a complicated subject because each person has his/her own personality whether it is inherited or adapted . In spite of this universal truth , human being as a whole has innumerable characteristics in common .

     It is,of course, not easy to understand one’s internal behavior and waving situation inside them . Never try to judge only by reading few activities. The result may be dangerous if you take steps thinking that you have known his/her psychology .

     Even great psychologists and doctors or scientists may not be able to say exactly what is happening to him/her. We are not super natural creatures to enter inside human soul and reveal what is going on inside. Fact is fat.

     Those facts can’t be denied that after inquiries and observing a number of daily activities, we can figure out the situation of the subject. So merely reading few basic psychology books and going through some meditation practices never try to conclude about a person’s mental flow.

     It requires a huge investment of time and wisdom, lots of practical and tons of real life experience to dig out the real situation of human brain.

     Never try to overreact with a human,don’t try to irritate in any case,don’t bother them,don’t tease them, don’t hate them,don’t behave abnormal with them.Because you know, you never expect these things from others.Then why anybody will bear that from you? 

     Take it easy and treat a person well whenever or whatever the circumstance is.It looks good,feels better and results the best.


Learn To Close Your Eyes

  Performing arts       It looks funny and sounds immature that you have to learn to close your eyes . We know how to close eyes and we do everyday and anytime whenever we want. But the fact doesn’t stay in this issue . You might think that you are easily closing your eyes while sleeping and taking rest or to remind something .

     Close your eyes not only to go to bed or to take rest but also to make your mind and body sound . Close your eyes a number of times a day anywhere anytime . Close your eyes to relief yourself mentally and to convince your brain to be ready for further circumstances. 

     That’s why learn to close your eyes every now and then to realize that you are you and you are under your will.Close your eyes with smily face and feel yourself that you are not there where you are now. Put yourself in your favorite place and be happy . Be quite and calm .

     After that, you obviously feel energized and comfortable than before.It’s not a big deal to start now but be regular and practised. Then you will know the effects of it. It can be a key to keep yourself positive and cheerful in life.

Ask Yourself Now

Next Generation Club. The Control Tower and Ha...       Have you recently asked yourself, what are you doing now ? If your reply is no, then why are you waiting for ? Go ahead and ask yourself as many questions as you can right now.

      Are you playing any sports ? Are you studying ? Are you sleeping ? Are you in bathroomAre you walking ? Are you working out in a fitness center ? Are you tired ? Areyou writing ? Are you chatting or doing something else at this time ? There can be millions of questions besides the above mentioned ones.

     Ask you and only you because you know you are the most trustworthy as well as familiar person to yourself . Try to get a complete and elaborated answer of each piece of question you ask . This can be called a “Selfquestioning” method to recall yourself and get controlled on yourself.Listen to your heart what it is replying about your inquiries.
Don’t go away to cross the limits of humanity and recognize your activities that , what you are doing now is good, virtuous,friendly and consist of some beneficial reasons.

     It sounds awkward and funny but it makes you strong to go ahead, to save time, to stop to go in a wrong way, to know your personality to yourself and to catch a better path to live. It enhances your ability to solve any kind of problems right away.

     In the beginning it can be unfocused,ridiculous and unreliable but keep on practising . It will be an intimate pal forever. Manage your time to ask . Yes, to ask yourself.