Don’t Know, What To Write ?


Sometimes we have to write something and it has to be submitted in any case. We have no idea, what to write and how to start ? In spite of our talent, writing skills and knowledge, we can’t pick a good topic and begin right away.

No enough time ? Yes, another limitation. Now you say what to do ? Don’t think about the title first.Just write about what you see around you. What is effectively touching you.Your surrounding,nature,air,rain,sunny day or a heart freezing cold, select one and take down beautifully flavored with feeling.

It doesn’t mean that you have to go with natural stuffs,you can choose the script of your toddler or your naughty wife/husband or even about your sweet grandpa or granny who are with you.

Write and write.Fuel it with some touching words and cute phrases.Review it,stitch it with a detailed but short and sweet title. There is no doubt, your piece will turn out to be  a dark but smart  horse filled with fun,emotions and ideas. In other words, far natural than the pre-planned one.