Stealing Intensity or Mental Disorder ?


Some people steal things from others . Whenever they get chance, they end up hiding and filling stuffs in their pockets . It sounds ridiculous and shameful but some can’t stop themselves and their inner thirst to steal things in owners’ absence .

In scientific term, Kleptomania is mentioned as a mental disorder  . Whether it is kleptomania or not , it is still an act of thief .The people suffering from kleptomania can steal any kind of things which may or may not be of their use. They can even steal pen, pencil, tape, notebooks, coins, paper or whatever they found .

Even shoplifting looks similar to it but shoplifter mostly stealing valuables and costly items, but kleptomaniac never mind stealing anything they find . They are unable to control themselves when they find they are alone and that’s the good opportunity to steal.

Some people steal useful things for themselves that they can use in future. Even though they can purchase  them and they are strong financially, they keep on stealing things and they don’t think about others . And if they are caught later, they are ready to make lame excuses and lying .

If you are figuring out something like that in yourself , cure it . May be you are not a kleptomaniac , stop it . Don’t steal, it’s a moral issue.


Learn To Close Your Eyes


It looks funny and sounds immature that somebody tells  you  to learn to close your eyes. We know how to close eyes and we do everyday and anytime whenever we want. But the fact doesn’t stay in this issue . You might think that you are easily closing your eyes while sleeping and taking rest or to remind something .

Close your eyes not only to go to bed or to take rest but also to make your mind and body sound . Close your eyes a number of times a day anywhere anytime . Close your eyes to relief yourself mentally and to convince your brain to be ready for further circumstances. 

     That’s why learn to close your eyes every now and then to realize that you are you and you are under your will.Close your eyes with smily face and feel yourself that you are not there where you are now. Put yourself in your favorite place and be happy . Be quite and calm .

After that, you obviously feel energized and comfortable than before.It’s not a big deal to start now but be regular and practised. Then you will know the effects of it. It can be a key to keep yourself positive and cheerful in life.