Nobody’s Bad


La teintureGrece

     You saw your reflection in a mirror and thought you look really good today. Like wise all do that. Everyone think they are good-looking as they see mirror.If they are not satisfied with their face,make up or hair style,they fix it until they think they are ok.

     Some are short,some tall,some look fair,some black or brown,some has big nose,some have chinky eyes,some sounds noisy,some husky or sharp,some have black hair,some with brown or blonde.But whatever we have,we are the best for ourselves,and not less than others.

     It all depends on our vision,timing,environment,dress up, and the location . People are joining gyms and fitness centers,they go beauty parlors,saloons, they follow dietician,they use herbal creams and varities of  beauty products to look good.

     Nobody wants to be bad-looking and naturally every human being is good-looking unless any birth defects are present.

     Above all, all should be treated equally and we have always to keep in mind that we have no any right to say whether he or she looks bad.Everyone is special in his/her limit and having some beautiful characteristics.