Realize Your Mistakes


     That’s the human nature, we don’t want to confess our mistake easily. We don’t want to apologize and say one of the easiest word “sorry”. In many circumstances, we think that we will be insulted or we could be humiliated if we realized our faults.

     Many of us steal and never tell others about that.We lie every now and then but we still think we are superior. One after another, we keep on doing mistakes but we are not easily accepting our faults when we are caught or inquired. We think we lose our values and position after confessing the faults but that’s not true.

     If you do mistake say “sorry” politely. Nobody thinks you’re bad. Realize that you were wrong. You were mistaken because of such and such reasons, simply explain. If you try to protect yourself by lying, you will be more prone to the respect and personality.

     Be courteous and flexible. Don’t try to be over smart in unknown subjects and always keep in mind that nobody is 100% perfect, so take it easy. Be careful and try not to make any mistakes, If you do so on purpose or by accident, don’t hesitate to realize it. It never downgrades you but adds a new quality in your personality.