Shut Up

Up Popped the Two Lips
       Prevention is better than cure.We have been learning this from childhood but do we really follow this in our real life? Yes, no ? Of course ,yes.
      We try our best to keep up with it but in many situations we overlook the problems and ignore them. When that tiny problem really expands and becomes a menace, then we open our eye lids as we are waken up from a hibernation.

     The deal here is about our temper.When you lose your temper, you curse someone and later say sorry but don’t take it easy because sometimes the condition may be worsen and may result a horrific incident.

     If you can’t speak good,shut up your mouth. Zip your lips if you are going to talk bad anywhere , anytime.That’s why don’t hurt others even though you are angry.Your emotions should not be the cause of others insults.

     Think twice before spitting your words.Control, breathe ,if not put your lips tight.